Examples of TADACT customised aids and equipment

Contact TADACT, we will design and make a customised aid to meet your needs!

TADACT provides customised aids for a wide range of conditions.

This includes autism and related disorders, intellectual disability and developmental delay, other sensory speech, other neurological, other physical, cerebral palsy, psychosocial disability, global developmental delay, multiple sclerosis, deafness/hearing loss.

TADACT will also modify an existing aid and has refurbished aids and equipment for sale.

Advice on how to request TADACT's help can be found HERE

Phone: (02) 6287 4290, Email:projects@tadact.org.au

Access Aids
Bathing Aids
Camera Aids
Chair, Bed & Table Raisers
Childrens Beds
Children's Seating Furniture
Customised Bikes
Customised Trikes
Drinking Aids
Eating Aids
Exercise and Recreation Aids
Medication Aids
Oxygen Support Aids
Reading Aids
Standing Aids
Toileting Aids
Wheelchair and Scooter Modfication
Miscellaneous Aids

Powered ride in car allows young children with physical disabilities to experience movement.