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Freedom Wheels Cycles

‘Every person deserves the chance to ride a bike’

You are unique, so is your Freedom Wheels bike.

The Freedom Wheels service provides customised bikes that meet the individual needs of the person. Freedom Wheels builds confidence, independence and improvement in health through bike riding.

Freedom Wheels bikes are customised with removable and adjustable supports for people with disabilities. This allows for alterations as the person grows, gains confidence and skill. It also allows for easy transport and storage.

Supports may include:

  • Stabilizing wheels
  • Postural supports
  • Foot/pedal supports
  • Carer assist for steering and braking supports

The Freedom Wheels process begins with an individual assessment by a Solve occupational therapist or physiotherapist. This assessment identifies the physical and cognitive needs and considers the environment and the goals of the individual and family.

Our therapists then prescribe the ideal customised bike for you. They also help with appropriate funding options (eg. NDIS, TAC, Variety).

Once funding is approved, our technical team builds the bike.

Finally, the finished bike is reviewed by a therapist and then delivered.

We also offer learn-to-to ride and safety training!

Contact us to enrol your child in a Freedom Wheels Cycle clinic or to obtain further information regarding clinics and bicycles.
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